With a little information anyone can be a little accurate. But this is not our goal and we are sure it isn’t yours either.

Be prepared for an in-depth process where we will initially need some of your time and then again during our presentation to you of the draft. It would be foolish to assume that after 7-10 days that we understand the practice the way you do. Your opinion counts. It is imperative that you have an opportunity to question and discuss our findings and to verify that we are accurately representing the information you provided to us.

These are the steps we follow for a valuation:

  1. Initial Contact

    When you contact us, we’ll have a brief conversation so we can learn who you are, why a valuation of your practice may be needed, the urgency of the valuation, the size of your practice and other basic information.

  2. Quote

    We will then quote you the expected cost of the valuation. Typically $5,000 + gst + disbursements per valuation.

  3. Engagement Package

    We will send you an engagement package. You must provide the information requested in the package, sign the engagement letter and return everything to us along with an agreed-upon partial payment amount to start the valuation process.

    You’ll have to contact your accountant to get the last three years of corporate tax returns or financial statements that we’ll need to begin your valuation. You’ll want to make sure your accountant knows that we will be contacting him or her to clarify information or to ask for additional information required for the valuation.

  4. Site Visit

    We will arrange to make a site visit to inventory your furniture and equipment, review your client files and take measurements and photos of the practice. If the tax returns and financial information are available at that time we could pick them up during our visit.

  5. Report

    Our average turnaround time for a completed valuation report is normally 2-3 weeks.

    Once we complete a draft of the valuation we will email you a PDF copy and deliver a hard copy by courier for your review.

    We will schedule a time to review the report with you in detail and answer any questions you have before we finalize it.

What we do during our site visit:

Our research and due diligence will include an on-site visit, equipment inventory assessment and a chart audit. We will review:

  • Generate a Procedure analysis report
  • Review appointment book and schedules
  • Generate an AR report
  • Perform an in-depth chart audit
  • Generate Statistical report
  • Generate Production-by-Provider reports