At Practice Solutions, we have participated for over 30 years in hundreds of sales and purchases of dental practices, each one having its own unique characteristics and nuances.

Our process begins by gaining a thorough understanding of your needs and expectations. Our experience and unbiased analysis of the practice you are considering will provide you with the necessary information and tools for you to decide if this is the right practice for you and what you will need to make it exceed your expectations.

Working either on an hourly or contractual basis we assist you every step of the way, fully committed to respecting your confidentiality, answering your questions and even providing you with questions you should be asking.

All practices we have listed for sale have been individually visited and valued by Practice Solutions. This means that we can speak from first-hand experience about the practice’s location, layout, equipment and all aspects of its operations.

If you are purchasing privately or from another broker, once again, we can help. We can also direct you to accountants, lawyers and bankers whom we trust to provide you with the best service and advice. In addition, we are here to provide you with that ever-important second opinion and after-sale service to help guide you through a smooth transition.